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I like riding because I can sit down the whole time.


A girl fell off yesterday and I panicked. Not because she could have been hurt, but because she was wearing white breeches.

My life

I REALLY hate when people are like “in jumpers it doesn’t matter what you look like and you could be a horrible rider and still win” no. You can’t. Maybe in the small classes but once you reach 3’ it’s on you. In order to be successful in jumpers you need to have mastered the basics of equitation. You need to be able to turn on a dime and jump right after the turn. You can’t do that in the higher classes unless you know how to turn properly; with your outside aids. Sure, you don’t have to look pretty but “pretty” isn’t always “good” riding. You can suck at riding and manage to look pretty. In order be successful in jumpers you need to be so in tune with your horse that you couldn’t possibly care about what you look like over the jump. With that being said, jumpers also shouldn’t be a place where you put your horse in danger. If you’re doing the lower classes especially, Mainly because if you don’t know how to ride properly you couldn’t possibly be successful in the higher classes. If you still turn on just your inside rein and think the only way to win jumpers is by going super fast, please don’t risk your horse’ sand your own safety.